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Crafts & Activities

We had so many ornament craft ideas submitted, that we gave them their own page :-)

Christmas Trees
We do fingerpainting using blue and yellow paint till it's green. This works nice because each one is a different color. It's better if the kids don't take the paint all the way to the edge. While wet sprinkle lightly with glitter. Let them chose the color. When dry, cut a vague tree shape trying to keep as close to the edge of the childs painting as possible. Add a construction paper trunk and a star and hang. I hang these in the windows facing out. They look great from outside and the light makes them shine through to the inside, too.
Submitted by Barb (BARBMI)

Candy Cane Reindeer
Add pipecleaner antlers, red or black pom pom, and googly eyes to a candy cane.
Submitted by Ruth (RUTHJRC)

Jingle Bell Rudolph
Paint a large jingle bell brown, let dry. Glue on googly eyes, small red pompom nose, fun foam antlers and a ribbon if you wish. You can thread the bell for hanging on the tree for an ornament or with ribbon for a necklace.
Submitted by Ruth (RUTHJRC)

Rudolph Wall Hanging
Dip child's foot in brown paint and place print on center of paper toes facing top. This will be the reindeer head. Use child's hands and a bit of the arm area for the antlers. When dry, add eyes and a red pom pom nose. We did string painting with red and green paint on popsicle sticks and let dry. Then glued the sticks around the paper to create a frame. Add a string for hanging.
Submitted by Ruth (RUTHJRC)

Reindeer Pencil Holder
Cover a tin can with brown paper. I glued felt around the top inside and out to eliminate any possibility of a sharp edge. Cut antlers from funfoam or construction paper and attach to the back of the can. Add a face and a ribbon around the bottom of the can.
Submitted by Ruth (RUTHJRC)

Magnet Reindeer
Paint the clothespins with a rounded top brown - turn upside down - the stick part becomes the antlers - add small googly eyes and a pompom nose. Glue a magnet to the back.
Submitted by Ruth (RUTHJRC)

Coffee Filter Angel Craft
three coffee filters for each angel
one large bead for the head
a pipe cleaner
doll hair
Cut the pipe cleaner in half. Gather up one coffee filter across the width and wind one of the halves of pipe cleaners around it to make the wings. Cut about 10 strings of doll hair about 6 inches long. Wrap the other half of the pipe cleaner around the middle of the doll hair lengths leaving about 1 1/2” of pipe cleaner at one end. Wind the 1 1/2” length around to form a halo. Insert the other end of the pipe cleaner through the center of a coffee filter and then through the center of the bead and then through the center of another coffee filter. Bend a loop in the end of the pipe cleaner so the coffee filters and bead don’t fall off. Bring the top coffee filter down around the bead and gather it around the bottom of the bead to form the neck of the angel. Attach the wings to the body just below the bottom of the bead. Wind the ends of the pipe cleaner from the wings around to form the arm. Paint the angel with water colors or glitter glue and draw on a face.
Submitted by Carlyn (CARLYNR)

Sparkling Beaded Candleholder
Beading wire
Wire cutters Glass or plastic beads as desired
Glass votive candleholder
Hot-glue gun and hot-glue sticks
1. Cut a piece of wire approximately 36 inches long.
2. Place one bead on the end of the wire, threading the wire through the bead a second time to secure. String beads on wire as desired, securing last bead as for the first.
3. Wrap beaded wire around candleholder to determine the placement. If you desire more length, simply cut and bead an extra length of wire.
4. Secure one end of beaded wire with glue at the top edge of the candleholder. Wrap the beaded wire or wires around the candleholder, securing with glue about every inch.
Submitted by Carlyn (CARLYNR)

See-Through Decorations
Foam cones, such as Styrofoam
Crepe paper
Gold-head pins or straight pins
Gold star sequins
Gold beads
Thin chenille stems
1. Starting at the base of the foam cone, wrap crepe paper around the cone, working upward and overlapping the layers until the entire cone is covered. Insert a pin into the top of the cone to secure the crepe paper.
2. Decorate the tree by threading a gold bead, then a star sequin onto a gold pin. Push it into the crepe-covered cone. Repeat the process until the tree is completely decorated.
3. Thread three gold beads onto a chenille stem, fold the stem, and thread on three more beads. This creates one star point. Repeat the process to make five beaded star points. Twist the chenille stem ends together to form a star. Push the chenille stem end into the top of the cone.
Submitted by Carlyn (CARLYNR)

Sparkling Cone Trees
2 pieces of clear, self-adhesive vinyl, such as Con-Tact paper, cut the same size
Colored tissue paper
White paper
1. Create a holiday scene from pieces of tissue paper torn into various shapes. First lay out the pieces on a plain piece of paper or on a table. Transfer the scene, piece by piece, to a piece of the vinyl with the sticky side up.
2. Carefully add the second piece of vinyl to seal the picture. Tape the picture to a window.
Submitted by Carlyn (CARLYNR)

Snow Man Christmas Ornament
2 white large Christmas balls
black felt, red felt
jiggle eyes
small black (very small) pom poms
black plastic top hat found at craft stores
Glue gun
ornament hangers
Glue the two balls together. Leaving the hook top piece at the top of one, and at the bottom of the other, or if possible remove. After balls are dried and stay together, glue on black top hat on top of snow man. either straight up and down, or kind of crooked looking. Glue on jiggle eyes for the snow man, use small black dot type pom pom for nose (1) and mouth (several) cut felt into a long narrow strip to use as scarf around snow mans neck. Wrap sound between balls, and criss cross in front, glue down. For added flare add a small holly plant (plastic) or jingle bell or some other little ornament. Down the belly of snow man in row add more black dot pom poms. On back of black hat, take a small paper clip and glue on to back of hat to serve as the hanger. Use an ornament hanger to attached to the clip so you can hang from a tree. Or if you don't want to hang it, take a toilet paper roll, cut 1/3 off bottom, paint white and stand snow man on the circle for a stand. Add some white cotton fiber fill around the stand to make it look like the snow man is standing in snow.
Submitted by Pat (PATRICIA6558)

white or silver large glass ornament or plastic balls
red felt
white felt
large jiggle eyes
pink pom pom smaller than eyes
pink felt
jingle bell
glue gun
Make a pointed hat to fit the ball, as Santa's hat. Put white trim around base of hat. Glue to the top of the ball, (looks like it's wearing a hat) make a beard out of the white felt and mustache cut beard in a triangle shape with scalloped edges. Cut mustache in pedal shapes. Glue on eyes, glue on pink nose, glue on Beard first then glue on mustache so it hangs over the beard as well. Attach bell to the point of the hat and fold hat down so it is not sticking straight up, but folded over. Use glue gun to attach it so it stays. Can add more decorations, such as glitter around the white rim, or a holly or something else to decorate it up more. Attach an ornament hook through the felt and hang on tree.
Submitted by Pat (PATRICIA6558)

gold glass or plastic large ornament ball
Black felt
brown felt
large jiggle eyes
large red pom pom
decorative red velvet bow or plaid velvet bow, small
Cut out of brown felt, two pedal shape (fat) ears for the rain deer, cut out of black felt Antlers for the reindeer thick and not to tall. Cut them at the same time so they are identical. Glue on ears pointed downward on sides, glue antlers to stick up from behind ball (top of ball pointing up for top), glue on jiggle eyes, glue on the red nose pom pom, draw on a mouth and attach red velvet bow for a neck tie. Attach an ornament hanger to the top of the ball and hang from tree with Santa.
Submitted by Pat (PATRICIA6558)

Readers Digets Christmas Tree
readers diget magazine
favorite color spray paint
small christmas balls, or other small ornaments. Very small
Medium size star, or other ornamet to use as a topper
white fiber fill (optional)
Tear off cover of the readers digest. Take out any inserts inside magazine. Each page needs to be folded two ways. First fold. Top of page, out side right hand corner, fold down to center of book. Looks like a triangle-Or page is folded in half now for the bottom of the page. Take lower right hand corner and fold up towards the bottom of the first fold. Making a smaller triangle. Do each page this way until all pages are folded. When finished fold magazine open backwards, and clip or glue the front page and back pages together. When finished the magazine should stand on it's own, with a Christmas tree like shape. Now spray paint the tree. Gold is popular, or use green. Glue on in various areas the small round ball ornaments. Can also use small string trim and put around the tree as well. Can add glitter to edges of pages for a sparkle look. On the top glue the topper, a star or angel or whatever fits there in size. Glue down. Place white fiber fill around base of tree so it looks like it is sitting in snow.

Reindeer Food
Mix oatmeal, sugar, glitter and place in a baggie. Children take home to sprinkle on their lawns Christmas Eve - here is a cute poem you can attach to the packet...

My, oh my! We do declare
Here is special reindeer food
To sprinkle through the air!
The oatmeal is for energy.
The sparkles are for flight.
So sprinkle the reindeer food
On Christmas Eve night!
All of Santa's reindeer will
Love this healthy snack
And next year Santa and his reindeer
Surely will be back!
Submitted by Ruth (RUTHJRC)

Handprint reindeer
Paint fingers and hand brown and place palm down on paper. Paint eyes and red nose. (FIngers are antlers palm face)
Submitted by Brenda

Reindeer Cutout
Cut reindeer silloutes from borwn cupboard. Paint with glue and sprinke with cinnamlon. Glue on wigle eyes. Tie ribbon around neck. Can make a stand with toilet paper roll, or fasten with ribon to hang. One year I found wood cutouts at Lewiscraft.
Submitted by Brenda

Dogbone Buiscuit Reindeer
Take large dong bone. Make antlers with borwn pipe cleaners. Add short pieces for antler branches. Litle ones may need help or have them predone. Turn buisit over and glue antlers behind two humps of bone. Turn over and add wigle eyes and a red hot for nose. glue tiny ribon bow just under nose. I use white glue. If they do not stay I will use hot glue after the children have gone.
Submitted by Brenda

Popsicle Reindeer
You take 3 sticks, 2 wiggly eyes a red pompom and borwn pipelescers. take 2 sticks and glue them to the tird to form a triangle. Turn it over and glue red pompom at htre pont and the wigle eyes just below where the sticks crosses the over. Cut hte pipecleansers in half. Fold it half and twist to look like antlers. GLue them to the top of the reindeer face.
Submitted by Brenda

Antler Painting
I set out small tree branches and shallow pans of paint. Children pretend that the branches are antlers and dip into paint and paint way on large pieces of paper.
Submitted by Brenda

Reindeer Tryouts
Set up a reindeer tryout session to pick Santa's team (of course EVERYONE makes it for a special reason ;-).
Submitted by Ruth (RUTHJRC)

Pin the Nose on Rudolph
Cut out a picture of Rudolph and noses from red paper - one for each child. Blindfold the child, turn around 3 times and then they try to place the nose on the correct spot. I use sticky tac to stick the noses on, but you can also use tape rolled in a loop on each nose.
Submitted by Ruth (RUTHJRC)

Math Activities
Santa's Reindeer Counting Game - Set up the numbers 1 - 9 (8 reindeer + Rudolph) on a piece of paper with Santa's sleigh drawn on it. Draw bells on each reindeer's collar corresponding to their number in the line. Children set up the sleigh by putting the reindeer in their proper place.
Submitted by Ruth (RUTHJRC)

Sensory Activities
Smell Train - This is a fun activity to do. Set up a train of boxes - each box containing a hidden item with a distinct smell. As the children move the train along the 'tracks' (I use masking tape on the table in a track shape), they can open one of the 'cars' and smell the contents of the container to guess what is hidden inside.
Submitted by Ruth (RUTHJRC)

Baking Activities
I premake gingerbread. The children roll out the dough using reindeer cutters. We make and decorate them. We use our 5 sense. They listen as we chew the gingerdeer cookies. What kind of sound... Crunchy. Does it sound like reindeer chewing? Does it sound like hooves?
Submitted by Brenda

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Reindeer
One little, two little, three little reindeer
Four little, five little, six little reindeer
Seven little, eight little, nine little reideer
Playing in the snow.

One little, two little, three little reindeer
Four little, five little, six little reindeer
Seven little, eight little, nine little reideer
Pulling Santa's sleigh.
Submitted by Brenda

Reindeer Reindeer
Reindeeer, reindeer, jump up high
Reindeeer, reindeer, across the sky
Reindeeer, reindeer, land softly on the roofs
Reindeeer, reindeer, step lightly with your hooves
Turn around
Touch the ground
Now run slow
Still far to go
Now run fast
Home at last!
Submitted by Brenda

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